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Investment Information:

This is a Kingdom of Yahweh work and a value or investment given into the Kingdom of Yahweh is most welcomed and appreciated. Your session is treated with importance, priority, and care. We offer a sliding scale of fees for sessions to ensure that people from various financial backgrounds can trade into their freedom. Simultaneously, our fees attribute value and honor to Echad Ministries – an important kingdom principle. 

One-on-One Wisdom Session Information:

With each scheduled appointment we suggest that your offering, trade, or investment be of a minimum of 200 Euro, 200 CH, or 220 USD. 

Your Investment, offerings, or trade can be made to our PayPal here; before or immediately after the session.

Life Mentoring-Coaching

Your Investment is based upon the desired outcome of your time invested. After a free 30-minute consultation, a plan will be brought forward with an investment of a monthly subscription amount.

Conference Speaking

Investment/trade can be discussed upon scheduling.

PayPal here; before or immediately after the session.

The scripture says, “Do not muzzle an ox when you are using it to thresh grain” and “Workers should be given their pay.”

I Timothy 5:18