Working from Home

Important Information for One on One Session

This is a professional counselling/life mentoring spiritual session and is expected to be received in a professional manner and value. 

Specific information for your guided session is required unless you are choosing a prophetic session then all is kept quiet until the session commences.

1. For all other sessions, please state what is your current challenge / theme / problem that you would like to release today. Focus on choosing this issue. In the session we will only cover one subject matter per session. If more sessions are needed, that will be determined upon end of first initial session.

2. Each session is one hour.

3. You must be in a place where there is no interruption and privacy. 

4. You must be sitting with a cell phone or computer on a table. Never holding in your hand or lap.

5. Please allow yourself time to rest after your session. This ensures what has taken place to be absorbed. 

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