Echad  Ministries Europe אחד

(Yeshua said)...You live fully in me and now I live fully in them so that they will experience perfect unity, and the world will be convinced that you have sent me, for they will see that you love each one of them with the same passionate love that you have for me. (אחד Echad) John 17:23 TPT)

ECHAD (Echad Ministries Europe) was founded by Holy Spirit through walking intimately with Yeshua and activating others into their destiny in who they were always meant to be, a son/daughter of Yahweh.


About Echad

About Us

Echad which means One in Hebrew, was officially formed in 2015. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, my passion and desire are to lead those who are hungry, into a deeper knowledge of who they are as a Son and Daughter of Yahweh. 

My passion is to see all come into a greater depth of sonship through the knowledge of who they are in Yeshua as their Lord and Saviour; becoming awakened through mentorship, life coaching, healing, restoration, and activation of their true identity through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!



New Beginnings

I have been walking in the deeper realms of God since I was a young child. As I grew older in a non-Christian home, I experienced supernatural events from having uncommon favour with animals to receiving visions of world catastrophic events such as earthquakes, tsunamis and other global events. 

At age 33 Jesus captivated my heart in December 1998. A week after my awakening, while I was in worship, I was suddenly covered by a cloud that drifted into my living room, I suddenly heard audibly the voice of God. God spoke to me as Father and told me I was His and adopted me into His house as a son. Yahweh said "Arron now it is time to go and teach about my healing love to the nations." 

2001 my wife Brenda and I left for the nations to Iris Ministries in Mozambique where I planted a bible school and feeding centre in South Africa. I was ordained and sent by Heidi Baker to establish a missions base and open a charity trust in Jerusalem, Israel and a 24/7 house of worship and outreach centre in Bethlehem, West Bank.

I walk in a governmental prophetic anointing that transforms the traditional church into the deeper revelation of the Kingdom Of God. Through honouring diverse cultures, I have been before Chiefs, Generals and other governmental entities who discovered the love of Jesus.

I became a widower from a 33-year marriage to best friend, Brenda in July of 2017. After Brenda went home to be with the Lord, I was blessed to find Daniela and we married in 2019 and currently are holding sacred space in Zurich Switzerland. 

Daniela and I have have experienced deep revelation of the love of God and carry the deeper realms of Sonship and the Kingdom of God through the gift of prophecy, wisdom, counsel, and the miraculous through Father's heart of love.

We are passionate about releasing the love of our creator to all who are thirsty to know who they are and the freedom we have in Yeshua (Jesus).


Welcome To Echad

Video Introduction to Echad Ministries Europe


Our Services Offered

Sacred Space For Men

Community For Men Only

For over 20 years as a full-time minister, I have found there is little room made for men to openly share the deep places of the soul. Here is a place where we meet once a week and share and encourage others. This is a safe place to engage with solid biblical lifestyle teaching and experience a fresh approach to living a victorious life in Christ.

Your first introductory month is free.

Watch a 1:30 video here:


Investment Membership: Monthly $40. 

Image by Tim Marshall

Christian Meditation

Life Is In The Breath

Join me for a weekly 30-minute focused time, stepping into the divine presence of God. The ancient Prophets knew how to connect with God by bringing their mind, body, and soul into a state of rest. This was done through meditation. Through the leading of Holy Spirit, we will practice breathing techniques and visualization, that will bring you into divine consciousness, awakening and refreshing your mind, body, and soul. 

Watch Video Here:

Monthly Subscription $40

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Guided By The Spirit Of Wisdom & Council

One on One Wisdom Sessions.

We have entered into a new paradigm shift where the way we hear and move with God has shifted. For many, it has become much more challenging to hear what God is speaking or where/how He is leading. 

Because of the state of the current world events, we have found ourselves becoming inward-focused; drifting into negative thinking, and are no longer able to engage and be guided by Holy Spirit as we used to. 

It is God's desire to awaken you and transform your life, bringing you into a new flow of success which is your inheritance now; not for a time to come. 

With a one-on-one session with me, we will hear from God through Wisdom and Council. Depending upon your willingness and openness, clarity, understanding, strategic planning, and course of action will be sought. Together, we will find blocks, past traumas, and belief systems that may be preventing you from stepping you moving into all your heart desires in God.

A One-Time Session Investment; $180

Sitting by the Lake

Mentoring &  Life Coaching Starting September 2022

Mentoring/Life Coaching

Our goal is to help you achieve the lifestyle you have been longing for. Through mentoring, we assist you in resetting your current thought belief system and bringing in God's light and truth to awaken you to your identity and value. With access to the right resource (Holy Spirit), you can become empowered and gain the confidence and continuity to fulfill what Father God has placed upon your heart.

A monthly subscription will be determined after free 30-minute consultation.


Conference Speaking

Equipping, Encouraging the Corporate Body of Christ

For the past 20 years, Phillip Arron has traveled internationally sharing about sonship and Father's love. He has a passion to encourage, awaken and activate the corporate body of Yeshua into their divine destiny in Yahweh. He carries a spirit of wisdom and council. His passion to ignite hearts is contagious! He is open to speaking at your church or home group. Contact us for scheduling.


What to Expect for One on One- Mentoring Sessions

Working from Home

Important Information for One on One Session

This is a professional counseling/life mentoring spiritual session and is expected to be received in a professional manner and value from you. 

1. For all sessions, specific information for your guided session is required before the session commences via email. Within the email, please state what your current challenge/theme/problem you desire to cover in this session.

Focus on choosing one issue before the session commences. In the session, we will only cover one subject matter per session. If more sessions are needed, that will be determined upon the end of the first initial session.

2. Each session is one hour.

3. You must be in a place with no interruption and privacy. 

4. You must sit on a table with your cell phone or computer, never holding it in your hand or lap.

5. Please allow yourself time to rest after your session. This ensures that what has taken place is absorbed. 

Online Shopping

Investment/Donation Information

Investment Information:

This is the Kingdom of God's work with over 20 years of experience seeing many come into their breakthrough. This is my full-time work and livelihood. A value/investment given into the Kingdom of God is most welcomed and appreciated so I can continue to offer my services to those who are searching for freedom.

Your session is treated professionally where the importance, priority, and care are first. For those who cannot meet the investment asked, we offer a sliding scale of fees for a session to ensure people from various financial backgrounds can invest in their freedom. Simultaneously, our prices attribute value and honor to your higher self as well as Echads' livelihood – a vital kingdom work. 

One-on-One Guided Wisdom Session Information:

With each scheduled appointment we suggest that your investment is of a minimum of 180CHF unless otherwise discussed before the session commences. 

Your one-time or monthly membership Investment is received via PayPal here; on or before the session.

Life Mentoring-Coaching

Your Investment is based upon a free 30-minute evaluation; together, strategically evaluating the methods and length of time to achieve the desired results. 

Conference Speaking

Investment/trade can be discussed upon scheduling.

The scripture says, “Do not muzzle an ox when you are using it to thresh grain” and “Workers should be given their pay.”

I Timothy 5:18


Realms Of The Miraculous

Awakening The Miraculous Within You

Video highlight from my latest book, Realms Of The MIraculous.

Father God, through His great grace, is awakening many into a greater understanding of whom we are as beloved sons and daughters; awakening us to the fullness of our identity released upon the earth, here and now. One such way this book will discuss is living a life from the realms of miraculous. 

In the Bible, we are all called to live a life that embodies who I AM is within each one of us. 

We pray that you would walk in the ways of true righteousness, pleasing God in every good thing you do. Then you’ll become fruit-bearing branches, yielding to his life, and maturing in the rich experience of knowing God in his fullness! 

Colossians 1:10 

We comforted and encouraged you and challenged you to adopt a lifestyle worthy of God, who invites you into his kingdom and glory. This is why we continually thank God for your lives because you received our message wholeheartedly.

Click on the play button in the screen to view.


Latest Project


Realms Of The Miraculous

Book Launch

August 23rd 2022

I am excited to announce my latest book, "Realms Of The Miraculous" Awakening The Miraculous With You! 


Song of Songs Visual - Audio Project

The Greatest Love Song Ever Written

Daniela and I have embarked on a visual - audio journey reading through Song of Songs read from The Passion Translation Bible.


Song of Songs, The Greatest Song Ever Written

The Movie

Song of Songs, The Greatest Love Song Ever Written by King Solomon is timeless Love song that transcends across the dimensional realms of YHVH. This is a Visual - Audio reading from Song of Songs read from the The Passion Translation narrated by Phillip and Daniela. This is a romance that transcends all love romances between the bridegroom King and His bride. This is a heavenly love song from the throne room of intimacy beckoning the viewer, listener, reader into a deeper heart expansive romance with our King. Though visual artistry and music, Song of Songs is brought to life into the modern age. As the nations rage, it is our prayer you will be transported into the heavily realms and experience a new found love like no other.

Girl Hiking in Mountains


Guest Testimonial

If you're looking for a place to retreat, be refreshed and strengthened in your inner being, the Ahuvi room in a beautiful old looking house in the little village of  Benglen is just the right place for you.

I can only recommend this guest room. The hosts, Philip Arron and Daniela, longtime friends of mine, are the perfect hosts and very sensitive to the needs of their guests, spoil them with delicious wholesome food, both physically and spiritually.

It is the perfect place to draw closer to God, due to their constant filling it with worship. It is a place to receive answers and healing in the midst of a safe surrounding. You can have as much privacy as you need and yet still have fellowship when you want.

The moment you walk into the house, there is peace, a coming home for a weary traveler. It reminded me of a modern-day monastery yet in some ways of a castle as well, as the whole house has old furniture and lamps, painted pictures of former saints on the walls! It is definitely a stepping into ancient times without missing out on modern technology, the best of both. The room is quiet, spacious and bright and you will have enough privacy, your own bathroom with shower as well. 

Benglen itself invites for longer or shorter walks and Greifensee is very close by as well.

Heidi G.



I stayed here for 6 days, and what days it was Phillip Arron and Daniel truly blessed me. Gave me new vision and encouragement on how to do life, and helped med to fight my inner battles.

Every day I was able to connect with Abba together with them. We worshipped a lot and went on beautiful trips all around Switzerland together. And the food was excellent Daniel is an amazing chef. And they both are so radiant of father love and it helped me to get healed from my past trauma and to move on with new hope and courage.

I truly recommend you guys to spend a few days at their place. The atmosphere is an open heaven and it’s so easy to connect with God there!

Oskar L.



I am sharing my personal 

account I had with 

Arron Mckenzie 

during a weekend 

visit in Sonora CA.


1).... because I demand that you have a deep upload as to how Father God moves within, around, and about.

 2).... I don’t want you to miss a rare and valuable encounter with Arron and the gift he carries.

I don’t know if I will ever again write such a heart felt recommendation for a brother and friend the way I am now.

I want to share with you what 

happened to me during my time with someone who carries and works with

the presence of THE ONE. THE TRUTH. 


After greeting each other with a friendly embrace we got to know each other better over some pizza. 

Arron is one of the guys: Real. 

No charade No mask


Healthy snacks from the market were 

bought before heading to his place for a lesson in worship.

Through previous text messages he was sharing with me a concept I knew very well...Doing Less & Getting More

I have been teaching this for years. However, I did not know 

how this worked in the presence of the creator.

For truly I tell you as Arron told me: 

“If you are not resting in the presence of 

Father God, you are striving”

Sitting on the couch with Arron, he was sharing with me how to have an encounter during worship. Honestly I knew nothing of this. 

All I knew was I wanted so much to have access to 2 way communication with God.

He put on some worship music-We sat there with our hands out palms up-

Speaking in our heavenly language- 

And then......BOOOM

I was taken in my spirit into an outer 

courtyard/Garden where I was ballroom 

dancing with the Holy Spirit/Jesus 

Elegantly transitioning from the outer courtyard we made the dance 

inside a to a huge palace 

I’ll admit it: After the worship 

song had ended I was absolutely 

blown away by how real 

that experience was. 

It was funny the manner in which Arron was laughing as I relayed what happened. Still laughing 

he said, “yeup I saw all of that too” 

I had two other very deep and profound 

experiences that I’d love to tell you 

about another time.😬

They were so Awesome I still remember 

everything vividly as if I was really there. 

I believe I was. It was that powerful 

To this day I recreate those moments 

as I worship in private. 

Time is an illusion. It only exists on this plane to create some sort of order. 

So, that ballroom style dance I had already happened. It’s happening now. 

Tomorrow, next week, and next year, 

it will still be happening. Funny, huh. 

Arron and I will be forever friends, partners in achievements, and brothers. 

He carries that unique gift/glory 

because of who he is and his purpose. 

Please don’t pass an opportunity 

to have him physically in your life. If only for a day and then staying 

connected via other means. 

Even if you are not spirit filled..... it doesn’t matter. 

If you really welcome the choice to change the trajectory of your 

life by quantum leaps & come into 

better alignment....

Well... I think you know the rest. 

Thank you for everything Arron 

- Ruben Neal


Arron McKenzie has a unique way to speak truth and inspire and lead you out of anything you cannot get out on your own...

He is a true lover of people. 



I share many similar testimonies of my time with A&B! And oh those hugs and meals and every convo.  I remember soaring on eagles wings, flying high in their living room, above it all!! Forever friend and Definitely Gods friend! Love you Arron!!

Nicol Loos Runstrom🔥🔥🔥


More, Jesus, more of this! I remember the best fun times with Arron McKenzie and his beautiful late wife Brenda and now with his lovely wife Daniela McKenzie! I love you both so much! Deep calls unto deep! 😘😘



Arron I just want to encourage you as some prophetic words you gave me me back in 2017 have started bearing much fruit!

My mom who left me at 13, and has been disconnected from me and the family ever since. She was a very reserved, emotionally unavailable, broken woman.

Last year the Holy Spirit prompted me so strongly that she was in deep hurt and pain emotionally so strong that I could feel the emotion - I rung her and let her know that God prompted me to ring her and that I loved her so very much. The Holy Spirit fully swept over her and had an incredible emotional connection with deep reconciliation.

She received Christ into her life and ever since she has (almost completely on her own) surrendered her life to following him - I mean she said she wakes up EVERY DAY and says she feels the love of God so she reads scripture and prays. God speaks to her to evangelize to her friends and has spoken to her to fast and so has been growing even stronger because of it.

We talk for hours now on the phone which has never happened in my life and I'm overwhelmed by Gods love, mercy and grace because of this. 

Bless you brother for speaking these words and more over me - Gods has gifted you well!


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